LancsLass's Links Page.

If you don't like it, don't come back!

In September 08, I began a part time University course in IT (2 evenings a week for several years!) with a long term aim of gaining a BSc Hons degree in IT.

This is my own page for storing stuff and playing around, making stuff and having fun - it's not really designed for anyone else to use, however I know several family members have now begun to use it for their homepage as they like the links so much! - I don't mind.

I don't update it that often, and since it's not really here for anyone else's use, I don't really care whether you like it or not!

Say No To 0870
Liz-Family-Christmas College Timetable
Twitter List 0800 Buster Find My Sky Remote Code
Online Conversions Broadband Speed Checker 2 Broadband Speedchecker
Assignment 3 Assignment 2 Send "teach IT me" an email
Clitheroe Advertiser
Internet Movie DataBase
YouTube: SVLass
The Mégane Prize Cozzie
Vue Cinemas
BT Phone Book Search
SideReel - Works best with FireFox
Sat-Cure Dabs
Currys FriendsReunited Microsoft Update
Comet Hyndburn Borough Council Search The NHS Web
Log in to the router Rossendale Council Cheaper Hotel Bookings
LloydsTSB Burnley Borough Council HMRC Tax Credits
Abbey Pendle Council
Intelligent Finance Uni Email
NatWest Internet Movie DataBase
Barclays Say No To 0870
NationWide State Pension Age Calculator Babelfish
PayPal Super-Wicked-Awesome
Abel & Cole Organics Degree Scoring www. apollo cinema
EMail Me Blogger
Ben's Webpage Kids
MoneyCorp Dollar Card Planet Menu Is that domain taken?
Christmas 2010 Outfit    

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