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This page is a "multi-use" page. It is both my webpage HomePage, and the 500 word report on the assignment.

Start Report:

During the course of development, I used this front page to keep notes of where I'm up to, problems that I have encountered, and niggles that I decided that I need to try to fix. For example, I realised that…

This Home page should be called MainFrame1.html, I had been trying to call it Home.html but the Liz'sFrameSet.html wouldn't display anything other than MainFrame1.html when newly arriving at the site

The Assignment says "Every page should have...." at least 3 images... Since the SideBar.html fulfils this requirement, and is viewable on every page, I feel (and I hope) that this is acceptable.

My lack of content on this HomePage is only a "cosmetic" problem, & doesn't reflect on my ability to build the page. After several weeks agonizing, I gave up, and decided to make the Home Page about the site itself, and the 500 word report is here!

Assignment said that pages have to have titles. This was difficult, I had to edit in txt file for the html code for the frameset page... it seems that Dreamweaver doesn't do it? Or I missed doing it, or something! But, now we have titles.


End Report        
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